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SSC-HSC exam questions, number and time at a glance


SSC-HSC exam questions, number and time at a glance

Due to coronavirus infection situation, this year’s SSC and HSC and equivalent examinations will not be taken in all subjects but only in three group-based elective subjects.

However, the test time will be reduced by half. The total number of examinations in each subject will also be reduced.

At the same time, students will get more opportunities to choose from the question papers. That means flexibility will be shown.

Education Minister Dipu Moni said this at a virtual press conference on Thursday.

He said that if the situation is favorable, SSC and equivalent and HSC and equivalent examinations may be taken by reducing the examination time and examination number on only three optional group-based subjects in the light of short syllabus in compliance with limited health rules.

The probable time of examination is SSC and equivalent in the second week of November this year and HSC and equivalent examination is the first week of December.

Journalists wanted to know the type of question and the time of the exam.

In reply, the Education Minister said that the examination will be taken in half time i.e. three hours examination will be held in one and half hour.

And the question paper will now be the way it is multiple choice and compositional.

However, in this case, students will have more opportunities to choose questions.

For example, where previously 8 out of 10 questions had to be answered, now there may be only those 10 questions.

However, three or four of them may be asked to answer. That means students will have more opportunities to choose questions.

And the total number in each subject will be 50 instead of 100. Dipu Moni said that the result of the test will be given later by converting this 50 number to 100.


The Education Minister said that considering the coronavirus infection, the 2021 SSC and equivalent and HSC and equivalent candidates were planned to complete 60 days and 64 days of class activities on the basis of short syllabus respectively.

But considering the current epidemic in Corona, students will have to submit assignments on three group-based electives.

Of these, SSC and equivalent assignments will be given from July 16. A total of 24 assignments will be given in 12 weeks.

Students will submit a total of 24 assignments, two each week, on three elective or impersonal subjects.

A total of eight assignments have to be done in each elective subject. This will complete the short syllabus.

Besides, HSC and equivalent assignments will start on July 26. Students of that level will be given a total of 30 assignments in 15 weeks.

They also have to submit this assignment in a total of six letters (first letter and second letter) on three group-based electives.

Five assignments must be submitted in each letter. They also have to submit assignments twice a week. In this way, their short syllabus will be completed.

Students do not have to do any assignment in compulsory subject including Bengali, English and fourth subject.

The number of required subjects will be determined by mapping the subjects of JSC, SSC and equivalent examinations.

That means only three elective subjects will be evaluated.

The education minister further said that if it is not possible to take the test, then the assessment can be done through assignment and ‘subject mapping’ or only through ‘subject mapping’.

That will be informed later. The Education Minister urged the students to achieve the teaching results by completing the assignments with attention.

He said that if these assignments are done well, the students will be able to give good exams and get good results.

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