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innovative education, what it is?


innovative education, what it is?

What factors determine innovation teaching with or without technology?

This is not a very difficult question to address, as it is good whether the innovative education is using technology.

A bad teacher doesn’t suddenly become a good teacher because of the inclusion in the technology mix.

Similarly, it is not always necessary to use technology to maintain the effectiveness of a good teacher.

But before we discuss this question further, we should define ‘innovative learning’.

What is it and how do we know a good, innovative teacher when we see one?


For me, innovative teaching is often invisible and the teacher is extremely peripheral to the most important aspect of the teacher and his or her teaching.

A good teacher naturally knows when to intervene and, most importantly, when to leave.

Teaching today is not so much focused on instruction (and it sometimes shouldn’t be), but growing in convenience, and considering the student universally accepted.

Innovative teaching focuses on creating a conducive environment in which good learning can take place.

Innovative teachers are great at helping students, and are also adept at creating interesting content and new experiences.

A good teacher observes and measures progress without distracting the learner.


Innovative teachers are prone to lack of understanding of students ’challenges, lack of focus, low engagement or public relations.

They try to find new ways to employ students, encourage them to do their best, and encourage them to succeed.

Innovative teaching is where good teachers are innovative and creative – where they continue to invent and drive new methods and content to ensure they always have the best learning experience.

Innovation requires a creative person, while innovation requires a courageous community (see, for example, Rogers’s Innovation Theory, 2003).

Therefore, innovative teachers also need courage to embed their new methods and content, especially if it goes against the culture they work in.


Innovative learning can be achieved without technology, although I would argue that it is often difficult to be innovative without some access to technology.

I have witnessed most of the innovative learning due to the strong combination of an effective teacher and the proper use of technology.

In such situations, combining teaching and technology in favor of better learning.

The technology is usually embedded between the curriculum and the text as it is either invisible (transparent) or incoherent.

Learning takes center stage, and technology is made to be mundane.

The technology performs its necessary functions but is not central to the process.

Innovative teachers are innovative because they do not use technology, because they understand the needs of learning and can create effective environments (with or without technology) that create the greatest chance for students to succeed.


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