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Innovative Education in Uzbekistan [Updated-2021]


Innovative Education in Uzbekistan


The job of creative innovations in giving present day information to youngsters in the instructive framework can’t be overemphasized. Throughout the exercise, the utilization of cutting edge academic innovations (innovative education), just as present day strategies improve the quality and viability of Education, serve the preparation of serious work force. Every exercise has its own exceptional innovation of preparing subject.

Since the objective of the instructor and the understudy is to accomplish a positive outcome, the exercise is available to them what sort of innovation to utilize.

Contingent upon the ability of the instructor, it is feasible to apply PC based work, film, appropriation material, banner, data innovation, different writing, deliberately planned intelligent strategies.

In this article features of the significance of present day creative showing strategies in the advanced education [innovative education] arrangement of Uzbekistan.

Catchphrases: Innovation, Novation, Innovative Educational Process, Modernization and Integration of Education, Pedagogical Activity, Interactive Methods.


Today, training on the planet is esteemed as the most exceptional capital. Consequently, at all phases of Education, an uncommon significance is appended to the making of a chance for all individuals to get quality instruction throughout their lives by expanding the adequacy of the assessment of the aftereffects of training and the presentation of their strategies for development of socialization.

State programs pointed toward improving the exercises of instructive establishments, government choices, consideration paid to members in the instructive and instructive interaction, the conditions made for them, discovering answers for the current issues in improving the nature of training to improve the nature of Education, wide inclusion changes completed in the arrangement of proceeding with schooling, as well as improving the substance of instruction, it additionally directs the administration of its quality consistently.

The strength of any nation is controlled by its scholarly potential. What’s more, this straightforwardly relies upon the nature of Education. The financial and social changes did in our country, the arrangement of the economy toward development, joining into the world economy puts the assignment of executing quality instruction and preparing of value subject matter experts, which is one of the major problems for the schooling framework.

Received on February 7, 2017, in the “Procedure of activity on five need headings of improvement of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017-2021” of the leader of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the undertaking was set to make another arrangement of constant instruction in the two nations, and in its synthesis the development of another arrangement of substance and advancement advanced education. This decides the issues of the executives, yet additionally the undertakings of improving the advances of Innovation Organization of exercises of subjects of the instructive cycle. Along these lines, one of the initial phases in the association of advancement measures in the instructive framework is the cycle of development teaching instructors on the interaction of innovation is to guarantee its status.

In doing this undertaking, the heads of instructive foundations are needed to have high expert potential and human characteristics. In his work named “We will fabricate our extraordinary future along with our courageous and honorable individuals”, President of our country ShavkatMirziyoyev understood that each resident ought to have the characteristics of energy and enthusiasm, adore and love his local land, don’t extra himself for his nation, be prepared to forfeit his life on this way. Thusly, during the time spent inventive action, the pioneer should be recognized from others by his wide standpoint, profound thought, the capacity to see far away. In the more youthful age, it is important to frame the very same characteristics – confidence, solid willed, vivacious, uncertain, undermining, trying, venturesome, enterprising, hierarchical, requesting and unflinching people.

The main assignment of each instructor is to teach a solid age, free leaning, careful expert of current science and callings, benevolent his country, his kin, ready to proceed with the work began by our countrymen, altogether regards the main obligation, yet additionally obligation, in the understanding of our comrades. The satisfaction of these obligations and assignments requires each instructor to have high information, incredible abilities, to know about the accomplishments of present day science, to have a careful information on unknown dialects, to have abilities of PC innovation, directed utilization of the web, just as high capabilities.

In this assumes a significant part in accomplishing the objective for which inventive instructive innovation is utilized in the instructive interaction.


Development – a significant connection of enormous scope changes today exhibits its benefits in the instructive framework, as in each circle.

Perhaps the most significant and most pressing errands confronting the arrangement of proceeding with instruction is the wide utilization of creative instructive advancements in educating, their execution in the instructive cycle and the preparation of taught, venturesome, innovative and serious experts with the prerequisites of world norms, just as a pointer of wonderful human development. As of now, the idea of “development” is broadly utilized. Advancement is a significant piece of training and hypothesis and is an arrangement of activity of social subjects pointed toward improving the characteristics of a socio-social item.


The First President of Uzbekistan I. Karimov said: “We must not forget that the foundation of our future will be created in the camp of knowledge”. In other words, what will be the tomorrow of our people depends on what kind of education and upbringing our children receive today. For this, any parents, the teacher and the coach must first of all see the person in the image of each child. Proceeding from this simple demand, we must accept that adult education should be the main goal and task of the educational sphere-to reach the level of the perfect people who live consciously, who have the ability to think independently and broadly. And this requires the harmonious conduct of educational work.

Unlike the thorough development of the methodological development of the lesson, which motivates the teacher to work effectively, educational technology is oriented towards the activities of the students, which, taking into account the individual and joint activities of the students with the teacher, serves to create the necessary conditions for the independent assimilation of educational materials.

The central problem of educational technology is to ensure the achievement of the educational goal through the development of the personality of the educator. Although the theory of pedagogical technology has been based since the second half of the last century, there are different approaches to the concept of “pedagogical technology”. In particular, the pedagogical scientist V.P.Bespalko describes pedagogical technology as “a project of a certain pedagogical system to be implemented in practice”, and focuses the main attention on the preliminary design of the educational-pedagogical process. In its essence, pedagogical technology is programmed in accordance with the distribution of time, the tasks of all stages and parts of the pedagogical process, which are scientifically based and ensure the achievement of the expected result, represent a clearly defined system. In order to increase the effectiveness of education and achieve full acquisition of knowledge, to ensure that the individual is in the center of attention to education and that young people receive independent knowledge, it is necessary to have teachers who are well prepared for educational institutions and who know modern pedagogical technologies and interactive methods, in addition to having strong knowledge, it is necessary to arm all teachers of science with innovative pedagogical technologies and interactive methods, as well as to improve the skills of applying the acquired knowledge in educational training. In accordance with the state and social order put before the system of continuous education, higher educational institutions carry out such important tasks as increasing the efficiency of the educational process, bringing a creative, social active, highly spiritual, professional, faithful to the motherland, brought up in the spirit of national and universal values, being able to think creatively and independently, bringing a harmonious person to perfection it is implied. The successful solution of these tasks is the use of modern technologies in the educational process. In the process of educational work, it is important that the student-student is able to teach young people creative thinking, changing situations, organize activities on the basis of free competition, as well as use information technology, electronic textbooks and multimedia in practical classes. And this requires the students to educate independence, free thinking, analyze educational activities, gain professional skills in the future, transform them into an internal need.

Modern pedagogical technologies are set of new forms, methods and means based on scientific-theoretical and methodological laid down in a system of the educational process. In combination with new content, form, method and tool, this ensures the integrity of goals, tasks, activities and results in a negative way, and the learning process that guarantees the achievement of the learning objectives is designed and implemented. The technological approach is most often expressed in a practical instructive structure, which allows not only to describe, but also to realize the projected results.
Innovations are topical, important, new approaches that are formed in one system. They are born on the basis of initiatives and innovations and are promising for the development of educational content. It also has a positive impact on the development of the education system as a whole. Innovation is the end result of technology, forms and methods in a particular field of activity or production, a new approach to solving a problem, or the application of a new technological process, known to lead to much greater success than before.


Currently, interest in increasing the effectiveness of education, using interactive methods (innovative pedagogical technologies and information technology)in the educational process, attention is growing day by day. The training, in which modern technologies are used, is aimed at students to search for the knowledge they possess, independently study and analyze it, and even draw conclusions themselves.
The teacher in this process creates conditions for the development, formation, acquisition and training of knowledge of the individual and team, at the same time acts as a manager, directing. In such a learning process, the student becomes the main figure. The correct introduction of pedagogical technologies in the educational process leads to the fact that students act as the main organizer or consultant in this process. And this requires more independence from students, creativity and willpower qualities. The application of any pedagogical technology in the educational process depends on the individual character, depending on who is teaching the student and who the teacher is teaching. The training, conducted on the basis of pedagogical technology, satisfies the desire of young people to express their attitude to important life achievements and problems, gives them the opportunity to think, to base their point of view. In the innovative processes that are taking place in the current period, in order to solve the problems before the educational system, it is necessary to have independent and free-thinking individuals who make the necessary decisions, capable of mastering new information and assessing the mastered knowledge themselves.


Today, innovations in the education system can be classified as follows:

• Depending on the direction of activity (in the pedagogical process, in the management);
• According to the description of the changes included (local, modular, structural);
• According to the source of origin (taken internally or externally for the same team).
Innovation, however, will be systematic, good and lasting, will design a new system of activity in a certain practice, will completely update the positions of the subjects of practice. In this, the directions of activity are opened, modern technologies are created, new quality effects of activity are achieved, as a result of which the practice itself is updated.

The introduction of innovation into practice is carried out in innovative processes. Innovation as a process-innovation is said to be the process of preparing for change and its implementation. The innovation process is a pedagogical innovation, the assimilation of these innovations by the pedagogical community and the changing integrity of their effective use in practice on a scientific basis.
Today, innovative pedagogical technologies are in great demand. Of great importance is the direction in which the national program of personnel training creates an effective result guaranteed at the same time, which requires the training of highly qualified personnel. Only a guaranteed effective result-based training system can deliver qualified personnel. For shuninig, too, further improvement of innovative pedagogical technologies. New technologies are not required to work. Especially in terms of Education, pedagogical technologies are scarce. Some technologies lack clarity. The requirements for the skill of the teacher are also increasing today. The educator is required not only to manage his own psyche and culture of speech, but also to manage the psychological state of his students. In order to fulfill this task, it is necessary that the educator learn the most subtle aspects of the student’s psyche and find a way to the heart of every student. To do this, each educator must work on himself without interruption.
Innovation changes in the educational process, the introduction of any innovation into the system is carried out directly by updating and modifying the activities of the teacher has also been thoroughly studied. Innovative activity is a continuous work on the basis of news, which is formed and improved for a long time. Innovative activity is aimed at solving a number of problems that arise as a result of non-compliance of traditional norms with new social requirements or conflict with the established norm of the newly formed norm of practice. Innovations constantly contribute to the development of education by bringing news to pedagogical activity, have a positive impact on pedagogical activity.


Today, for the consistent progress on the path of building a democratic legal state and a just civil society in Uzbekistan, the system of training of personnel has been radically reformed, the interests of the individual and the priority of education in the social policy of the state have been decided. The need to provide the educational process with advanced pedagogical Technologies is also one of the conditions for the implementation of the national program of Personnel Training.

The president of our republic Sh.Mirziyoyevemphasized that “it is necessary to control the provision of timely development and introduction of new textbooks, modern pedagogical and information technologies”. Today, scientists and teachers are obliged to work diligently to develop advanced pedagogical technologies, and they are responsible for this work.
In the modern conditions, in the training of highly qualified personnel, it is desirable to carry out training on the basis of modern systems and new pedagogical technologies. The peculiarity of new pedagogical Technologies is that the educational process, which guarantees the achievement of the set goals, is planned and carried out. In fact, 80 percent of the successful passage of training depends on the correct design, organization and implementation of the educational process.
In the design of educational processes, it is desirable to pay attention to the fact that the content of education, the purpose of education, the exact definition of the expected result, the correct selection of educational methods, forms and tools, the real criteria for assessing the knowledge, skills and competences of students and students, their effective implementation and interoperability within the allotted time
Modern pedagogical technology has its own private theory associated with pedagogical and other scientific achievements; it is aimed at the construction of the educational and educational process on a scientific basis, in the first place; it provides the basis for the joint activities of teachers and students, based on the extensive use of informative means of teaching, didactic materials, active techniques.
In the educational process, the interest in the application of interactive methods, innovative technologies, pedagogical and information technologies in the educational process, attention is getting day by day, one of the reasons for this is that by this time in traditional education, students are taught only to acquire ready-made knowledge, while in modern technologies, they are taught to search for the knowledge they The educator creates conditions for this process for the development, formation, acquisition and training of knowledge of the individual and at the same time performs the function of stewardship, directing. In the process of education, the student becomes the main syllable.


Innovation technologies are the pedagogical process, the introduction of innovations and changes in the activities of teachers and students, and in its implementation mainly interactive techniques are used. Interactive methods-it consists in thinking as a community, that is, it is a method of pedagogical interaction, which is a component of the content of Education. The peculiarity of these techniques is that they are carried out only through the joint activities of educators and students.
Today, a new concept of knowledge acquisition in the educational system – the application of various forms of modern innovative educational technologies-is giving a very good effect. In this says that in the use of new techniques of education, the students should be able to develop mental, free thinking, strive to substantiate their own opinion, listen to the opinions of others, try to find solutions to problems, effectively affect the processes of creative and moral development. When a teacher uses educational techniques in the process of teaching, it is important that he first knows the role of using this method, its effectiveness. To do this, each educator must have a life experience, armed with sufficient knowledge, be able to solve in advance the problems that arise in relation to the educators and have the skills to communicate them to the educators. Also, lessons based on innovative technology will satisfy the desire of young people to express their attitude to important life achievements and problems, and will give them the opportunity to think, to base their point of view. In the innovation processes that are taking place in the current period, in order to solve the problems before the educational system, it is necessary to have independent, independent and free-thinking individuals capable of assimilating new information and independently assessing the acquired knowledge, making the necessary decisions. Therefore, in the educational process of educational institutions, the role and importance of modern teaching methods-interactive methods, innovative technologies-cannot be overemphasized.
In the future, it has a positive impact on the renewal of teacher activity as a truthful driving force of educational development, on the optimal (optimal) construction of the educational process, on the formation of feelings of free thinking, thirst for knowledge, loyalty to the motherland, humanism in the student youth.


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