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SSC in November, HSC examination in December: Minister of Education


examination: SSC in November, HSC examination in December: Minister of Education

If the Corona situation is normal, there are plans to take SSC in November and HSC and equivalent examination in December.

If the test cannot be taken, the result will be published by mapping the assignment and subject.


Education Minister Dipu Moni made the announcement at a press conference on Thursday.
The education minister said assignments would be given to this year’s SSC-HSC candidates.

In this case, the SSC candidates of 2021 AD will have to do a total of 24 assignments in three subjects in 12 weeks.

Assignment activities for SSC candidates will start from July 16.

HSC candidates will be given a total of 30 assignments in 15 weeks in 6 papers of three subjects selected by the department.

Through these assignments the assessment of students’ learning results will be verified.

Dr. Dipu Moni further said that if the Corona situation is somewhat normal, it is planned to take SSC in the second week of November and HSC in the first week of December in the light of the short syllabus already published.

If the test cannot be taken then the students will be assessed by mapping the results and subjects of the assignments.

In response to a question from reporters, the Education Minister further said that our students could not prepare at all.

So we are giving the assignments keeping in view their preparation.

Teachers will be instructed on how to evaluate student assignments.

Whether the assignment is being evaluated properly will also be verified by collecting samples from different educational institutions on a random basis.

The education minister also said that action would be taken if any complaint was received about the assessment of students.

The education minister further said, “If the situation in Corona is normal, we have planned to take the test in compliance with the hygiene rules.”

The exams will be on three subjects selected by the students in groups.

SSC and HSC candidates will be assessed on the basis of the results obtained in the examinations if the examinations in the selected subjects are taken.

And if it is not possible to take the test, the students will be evaluated on the basis of subject mapping and assignment.

The Education Minister said that if the situation is favorable, a limited range of hygiene rules will be followed on the basis of examinations in three subjects, while the remaining required subjects will be assessed through mapping of SSC and JSC examinations.

And if it is not possible to take the test, then the assessment will be done through assignment and subject mapping.

Or the assessment can be done just by mapping the subject. That will be informed later.

The education minister said, “We want to give results to the students through evaluation this time.”

If the corona situation improves, the test will be conducted in a very short time.

The Minister of Education clarified the issue of subject mapping.

The Minister said that subject mapping will be done on the basis of JSC results of SSC candidates and HSC candidates on the basis of JSC and SSC results.

Deputy Education Minister Mahibul Hasan Chowdhury Nawfel was present at the press conference. Secretary of Secondary and Higher Education Department Md.

Mahbub Hossain and Secretary of Technical and Madrasa Department Aminul Islam Khan were present at the occasion.

The quality will be verified by trained teachers

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