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The quality will be verified by trained teachers


Trained: The quality will be verified by trained teachers

The Department of Primary Education has directed to check the quality of trained teachers in government primary schools.

The quality will be verified through the assignment of the teachers trained in the 2020-21 academic year.

The A-related office order signed on Saturday was released on Sunday.


Earlier on July 8, the Diploma in Primary Education (DPED) board directed to conduct a special online session to check the quality of government primary school teachers who had undergone training.

At that time, the superintendents of the country’s primary training institutes – PTI were instructed to check the quality of teachers.

After that instruction, the Department of Primary Education also directed to check the quality of teachers through assignment.


According to the order of the Department of Primary Education, in the case of Kavid-19, DPED 2020-21 academic year training has been done face to face and online in a mixed manner.

The course is completed through the final oral exam online.

Trainees of different PTIs should have a clear idea about the quality of teachers while observing the final oral exams.

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It said there are clear guidelines for DPED trainees to achieve teacher-quality through the first, second, third and fourth terms.

Each trainee is instructed to make a proper assessment through a handwritten full-length assignment on ‘teacher-quality’ information and practice (with examples) by verifying how much DPED trainees have achieved about teacher-quality.

The PTI superintendents were directed to maintain the assessment record through assignment and send a report by July 31.

The National Academy of Primary Education (NAPE) was requested to confirm the matter in the order.

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