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Parents can go to Canada with a student on a schooling visa


Parents can go to Canada with a student on a schooling visa

Today’s children are the future of tomorrow.

In order to keep pace with the developed world, children need to be provided with international standard facilities.

Introduce advanced environment, international education system and multicultural culture.

Then the child will be able to develop talent, creativity and gain a place in the competitive world.

One such arrangement for children is called ‘Schooling Visa’.

Schooling visas are for children or school student s. Schooling visa is a popular visa.

The demand for Canada schooling visa is increasing day by day in Bangladesh.

Especially in Canada, one of the most developed and happy countries in the world, it is widely appreciated.

The main reasons for the increase in demand for school visas in Canada are:

1. Obtained citizenship at the end of studies.
2. This visa is usually given to children (student) studying in the age group of 6-17 years.
3. Schooling visas usually have the opportunity to apply for admission 3 times a year.
4. Applications can be made in January, July and September.

The special benefits of this visa are:

1. The school student can go with his parents.
2. That student will have the benefit of becoming a permanent resident and citizen.
3. The student does not need any IELTS.
4. Only if there is a bank sponsor.

More countries in the world, such as the United States and Australia, have school visas.

Parents can go there. But there is no chance of getting citizenship.

So school visa applications are not usually seen in any country other than Canada.

Canada Schooling Visa is a great opportunity for school students in Bangladesh.

If we can use this opportunity for children (student), our children will bring welfare to the country.

In the next world of competition they will be able to occupy a glorious place.


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