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Some signs of success in learning spirituality


Some signs of success in learning spirituality :

learning spirituality. Some signs of success in learning spirituality. It is very high authentic discuses. We should learn it deeply. So, today we started to gather some about it.

(1) Before initiation you must Knowledge and belief in the Master

(2) Obeying the master after starting the work.

(3) Ask without hesitation if you do not know or understand.

(4) Obeying the order of the master without words.

(5) Establishing new ideas on previous ideas.

(6) To obey any teaching of the Master.

(7) Focusing oneself on learning, preparing one’s mind accordingly, not being hard on one’s self.

(8) Not to indulge obstinacy, stubbornness, weakness of mind but to assist the master in learning.

Other things related to this article:

  • A person’s identity and a person’s thoughts are not the same. Viewing thoughts from a distance.
  • Set your mind at comfort, to relax.
  • Observe yourself the same way you observe your friend.
  • Observing one’s feelings closely but ignoring thoughts or worries.
  • Focusing on the sense organs through touch. That means Focusing on the organs that are sensed by touch.
  • 5/7 times a day to pay attention to the feelings of that time which organs are sensed by touch.
  • Close monitoring of respiration. (Deep monitoring of respiration)
  • Be patient in the work that will take more time.
  • Breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth during exhalation.


(1)     Gathering informative Knowledge and belief in the Master before initiation

Any person or institution where spirituality, meditation, some education is acquired to fulfill any non-physical needs, surely education is indispensable to the person or institution. It is important to remember that what we see may not be what we see.

Maybe it’s wrong to see. It was necessary to see what I had not seen again. Seeing, hearing and knowing the master may not require testing but preconceived notions are necessary. Because you need to know the motive of the person from whom you want to learn such an important subject.

It is important to have a clear idea about each word or Varna that you will practice or turn into knowledge by knowing.

If everything goes well, trust it completely. It must be remembered that if one does not believe in such a world, one cannot get anything from it. In this case, the result is 100% if the object is combined with faith. If you don’t believe you can never acquire or use these things. So one must try to practice every word and action of the Master with utmost faith.


(2) To obey the words of the master after starting the work.

Not and never blind imitation but you have to obey the masters even if it goes against your mind. Those of us who start learning think that something is not right when something strikes our mind, does not match the familiar environment. This is completely irrelevant.

Each of us has our own world. In that world, some familiar sounds, some familiar action processes constantly surround us. As a result, they appear to us to be true. Although it may be founded on false foundations, it does not even occur to us.

Some of the words or actions of the masters seem unfamiliar to us. As a result, hesitation is created in our mind, disinterest in work is created. As a result, a blurred or unspoken or invisible line of demarcation or line of difference is created between the master and the disciple, which adversely affects learning. Some of these national lessons never happen again.

(3) If you don’t know or don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask.

We try to keep quiet when trying to master something new or learn about ideas that are often different. If there is hesitation in my mind, if I ask a question, Ustadji will probably think that I do not know anything.

There is no reason to think so. Rather, if you stay in any class or training or education room with hesitation in your mind, the result is disappointing. For there are many things which are so complementary to one another, that to have a vague idea of one, one must be in the dark about the other.

To come from darkness to light, all levels of issues must be cleared. Suppose there is a big discussion about breath and respiration. But if you don’t know what’s breathing and what’s exhaling, your serious discussion can boomerang.

It can have the opposite effect. So no matter how much conflict or reluctance or embarrassment there is in the mind, you must have a clear idea of the main points of the discussion. And no doubt can be kept in the mind to take this idea.

To be continue ….                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The Importance of Student-Teacher Relationships 

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