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Top 13 Insurance Companies details, Top 100 Insurance list in Bangladesh


Top 13 Insurance Companies details.

Top 100 Insurance Companies list in Bangladesh.

01. MetLife

The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MetLife) before known as American Life Insurance Company (ALICO) is a very ancient insurance company started in 1952 in Bangladesh. From 1952 this company successfully fulfill the expectations of the people and take a lot of space from them. Recently MetLife achieved “Superbrands Bangladesh Award 2020-2021”.

02. Delta Life Insurance Co Ltd

Delta Life Insurance in Bangladesh are started their journey in 1984 to get permission from the government of Bangladesh. It is a Private Insurance Company. Delta Life Insurance Company Limited was situated in Motijheel, Uttara Bank Bhaban. The mission of this insurance company to provide high-quality insurance services like western countries.

There Goal are Provide financial security to our customers with insurance policies that are most suitable for them. Make life insurance an easy saving instrument and a profitable one with attractive bonus and improved customer service. Collect small savings from the people of our country and invest the accumulated savings in profitable nation building enterprises.

03. Jiban Bima Corporation
It is a government-funded and state-owned insurance company in Bangladesh that started its journey in 1973 in Motijheel, Dhaka under the Insurance Act and Regulations. The name of this Insurance Company comes from the Bengali Language.


04. Popular Life Insurance Co Ltd. (PLICL)
Popular Life Insurance Co. Ltd. established by a group of local enthusiastic entrepreneur started its operation in September 26, 2000. Since inception, Popular Life set before itself a high standard of all round performance coextensive with professional soundness and proficiency.
Popular Life Insurance Company Limited was established in 2000 under the Insurance Act. In Motijheel, Dhaka. This company achieved the trust of the citizen’s in Bangladesh by giving several schemes or more direct benefits. There are hundreds of agents who are working in this insurance company.

05. Sandhani Life Insurance Co.Ltd
Since 1990, Sandhani Life Insurance Company Limited is one of the leading life insurance company in Bangladesh. They’re providing their services all around the areas of Bangladesh and increasing the financial change in society. They have so many microinsurance segments that provide more services and creating a long change in society. SLIC is one of the leading Life Insurance Company in Bangladesh since 1990. Clients are the spirit of our business, so we build a genial & realistic relationship with clients. SLIC enlarge its network by establishing agency offices.

06. Meghna Life Insurance Company Limited
It was started for the growth of the people and nation. It was established in 1996 in Biman Bhaban Motijheel, Dhaka. They always try to provide their services at perfect and right prices. They gain a good reputation from the people for a short time. Vision of this company: To be a market leader in providing integrated total quality and highest standard of insurance services in all areas of our work in order to uphold our status as one of the best service providers in the Insurance industry of Bangladesh. Meghna Insurance Company Limited Q8MV R8C, Dhaka 01716-096758


07. Takaful Islami Insurance Ltd

If you want to get insurance facilities with an Islamic Sharia, Then it is the best insurance company for you for getting financial services. Takaful Islami Insurance Limited providing its services with a unique nature in Islamic schemes both for nonlife and life too. Most of the people in this country are Muslims. So, this insurance company launched so many projects for Muslims. Takaful Islami Insurance Limited was established in 2001. A group of Businessmen who had earlier launched an Islami Bank in the private sector sponsored the company with 60 million taka capital. Sponsors included shipping magnets, Doctors, Engineers, Bankers, Top Garment exporters and Importers.


08. Pragati Insurance Company Limited
The company provides its financial services on a non-life basis. That’s why; it is called the non-life insurance company that submitted their schemes like machine insurance, accident insurance, home insurance, and factory-based insurance, and others. They successfully running their insurance journey and prove their best performance about that. PRAGATI INSURANCE LIMITED (PIL) is a leading private non-life insurance company in Bangladesh. It was established in 1986 by a group of young Bangladeshi entrepreneurs who had earlier launched a Commercial Bank in the private sector also. Pragati Insurance Limited House No-127, Senpara Parbata, Begum Rokeya Sharani, Mirpur-10, Dhaka 1216 02-9026507


09. Padma Life Insurance Company Ltd
They mainly provide their schemes on life-based insurance. This insurance company is located in Rupali Bima Bhaban, Dhaka, Bangladesh. You can choose the schemes as your choice that you can get high or minimum returns. All types of services are provided by this insurance company for the people.


10. Sunlife Insurance Company Ltd
The company was established in 2000 for the development of various business fields, customer security, and others. The reached people and take the top insurance position in Bangladesh. Mainly they focus on the smallest family in the society. They are sufficiently protected and security of all kinds of people that make this a successful Insurance Company.

11. Fareast Islami Life Insurance Company Limited
A leading third generation company in the insurance sector, Fareast Islami Life Insurance Comapny Limited started its journey on May 29, 2000 and obtained Certificate of Incorporation and Certificate of Commencement of Business on May 29, 2000 as a Public Limited Company under the Companies Act, 1994 and subseqently listed with the Dhaka and Chittagong Stock Exchanges Limited in 2005.The total market value of the company’s shares is taka 3,707.24 million as on 31 December 2019.


12. Golden Life Insurance Co Ltd
This company splits its services into two parts, macro insurance and micro insurance. Based on the needs of its customers, it selects the right scheme. This approach has given them great many opportunities to grow with full support of public.

Headquartered in Dhaka, Golden Life Insurance Co Ltd has branches all over the country and the officers of the company work directly with public to educate them about their insurance needs. This direct approach is the primary reason for Golden Life Insurance Co Ltd growing to the top position in Bangladesh.


13. Rupali Life Insurance Co Ltd

Established in year 2000, this company has grown from a small position to a large success, mainly due to its strong backbone support from investors and the passionate work from agent officers. Their schemes are designed to suit the segments they work on, which has connected well with the customers.
They focus on promoting local talent. This ensures that the representatives of Rupali Life Insurance Co Ltd will never be a stranger to the potential prospects. This approach has created jobs for the country and helped many people stay protected helping the society.


Top 100 up Insurance Company in Bangladesh

14. Sonali Life Insurance Company Ltd.

15. Astha Life Insurance company Limited (a concern of Bangladesh Army welfare Trust)

16. National Life Insurance Company Ltd.

17. Bengal Islami Life Insurance Ltd.

18. Prime Islami Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

19. Progressive Life Insurance Company Ltd.

20. Rupali Life Insurance Company Ltd.

21. Sunflower Life Insurance Company Ltd.

22. Zenith Islami Life Insurance Ltd.

23. Mercantile Islami Life Insurance Ltd.

24. Guardian Life Insurance Ltd.

25. Chartered Life Insurance Company Ltd.

26. Best Life Insurance Company Ltd.

27. Protective Islami Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

28. Bondhon Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

29. Sawdesh Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

30. Diamond Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

31. Alpha Islami Life Insurance Ltd.

32. Trust Islami Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

33. Jamuna Life Insurance Ltd.

34. Golden Life Insurance Ltd.

35. Homeland Life Insurance Company Ltd.

36. Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of Bangladesh Ltd.

37. NRB Islamic Life Insurance Ltd.

38. Agrani Insurance Company Ltd.

39. Asia Insurance Ltd.

40. Asia Pacific Gen Insurance Co. Ltd.

41. Bangladesh Co-operatives Ins. Ltd.

42. Bangladesh General Insurance Co. Ltd.

43. Bangladesh National Insurance Co.Ltd.

44. Central Insurance Company Ltd.

45. City General Insurance Company Ltd.

46. Continental Insurance Ltd.

47. Crystal Insurance Company Ltd.

48. Desh Gen. Insurance Company Ltd.

49. Eastern Insurance Company Ltd.

50. Eastland Insurance Company Ltd.

51. Express Insurance Ltd.

52. Federal Insurance Company Ltd.

53. Global Insurance Ltd.

54. Green Delta Insurance Co. Ltd.

55. Islami Commercial Insurance Co. Ltd.

56. Islami Insurance Bangladesh Ltd.

57. Janata Insurance Company Ltd.

58. Karnaphuli Insurance Company Ltd.


59. Mercantile Insurance Company Ltd.

60. Nitol Insurance Company Ltd.

61. Northern Gen.Insurance Company Ltd.

62. Peoples Insurance Company Ltd.

63. Phonix Insurance Company Ltd.

64. Pioneer Insurance Company Ltd.


65. Paramount Insurance Company Ltd.

66. Prime Insurance Company Ltd.

67. Provati Insurance Company Ltd.

68. Purabi Gen Insurance Company Ltd.

69. Reliance Insurance Limited

70. Republic Insurance Company Ltd.

71. Rupali Insurance Company Ltd.

72. Sonar Bangla Insurance Company Ltd.

73. South Asia Insurance Company Ltd.

74. Standard Insurance Ltd.

75. Dhaka Insurance Ltd.

76. Union Insurance Company Ltd.

77. United Insurance Company Ltd.

78. Sena Kalyan Insurance Company Ltd.

79. Sikder Insurance Company Ltd

80. Sonali Life Insurance Company Ltd.

81. Provati Insurance Company Limited

82. Desh General Insurance Company Limited

83. National Life Insurance Company Ltd

84. Paramount Insurance Company Ltd
85. Astha Life Insurance Company Limited
86. Prime Insurance Company Limited
87. Standard Insurance Limited
88. Sonali Life Insurance Company Limited
89. United Insurance Co Ltd
90. Trust Islami Life Insurance Ltd.
91. Progressive life Insurance Co. Ltd
92. Pioneer Insurance Company Limited
93. City General Insurance Company Limited
94. Sikder Insurance Company Limited
95. City General Insurance Company Limited
96. Rupali Insurance Company Limited
97. Meghna insurence company Ltd.
98. Met Life Insurance Co.

99. Republic Insurance Company Limited

100. Asia Insurance Limited

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102. Desh General Insurance Company Limited
28 Paramount Insurance Company Ltd
29 United Insurance Co Ltd
30 Progressive life Insurance Co. Ltd
31 City General Insurance Company Limited
32 Sandhani Life Insurance
33 Meghna insurance company Ltd.
34 Eastern Insurance Company Limited
35 Northern General Insurance Co. Ltd.
36 Green Delta Insurance Company Limited
37 Reliance Insurance Limited
38 Nitol Insurance Company Limited
39 Paramount Insurence Company Ltd.
40 NRB Islamic Life Insurance Limited
41 Federal Insurance Company Ltd
42 Central Insurance Company Ltd.
43 City General Insurance Co. Ltd.
44 Bangladesh General Insurance Company Ltd
45 Diamond Life Insurance Company Limited
46 Bangladesh Co-operative Insurance Ltd.
47 Fareast Islami Life Insurance Company Ltd.
48 Bike Insurance Bangladesh
49 Republic Insurance Co.Ltd.
50 Phoenix Insurance Company Limited

51 Crystal Insurance Company Limited
52 Islami Insurance Bangladesh Limited
53 Padma life insurance company Ltd.

55 Trust Islami Life Insurance Company Limited
57 Union Insurance Co. Ltd.
58 Homeland Life Insurance Company Ltd.
59 Popular Life Insurance Company Ltd
60 Mercantile Insurance Company Limited
61 Karnaphuli Insurance Co. Ltd.
62 Desh General Insurance
63 Global Insurance Ltd.
64 Bangladesh National Insurance Company Limited
65 Prime Insurance Company Limited
66 Delta Life Insurance Company Limited
67 Union Insurance Company Limited
68 Republic Insurance Company Limited
69 Best Life Insurance Limited
70 City Insurance
71 Zenith Islami Life Insurance Ltd.
72 Janata Insurance Co.Ltd.
73 City General Insurance Company Limited
74 Nitol Insurance Company Limited
75 Takaful Islami Insurance Ltd.

76 Express Insurance Limited
77 Green Delta Insurance Company Ltd
78 Global Insurance Limited
79 Sonar Bangla Insurance Ltd

82 Dhaka Insurance Limited
83 Prime Insurance Company Limited
84 Continental Insurance Limited
85 Sikder Insurance Company Limited

88 Sunlife Insurance Company Ltd
89 Bangladesh Co-Operative Insurance Limited
90 Sandhani Life Insurance
91 Fareast Islami Life Insurance Company Limited
92 Akash Agency
93 Rupali Insurance Company Ltd
94 Sonar Bangla Insurance Limited
95 Customer Touch Point (CTP)
96 Guardian Life Insurance
97 Islami Insurance Bangladesh Limited

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