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There are more than 13 lakh unemployed candidates to teach primary


There are more than 13 lakh unemployed candidates to teach primary

More than 13 lakh candidates are spending their days worrying about the appointment of teachers in government primary schools.

They are in uncertainty as the recruitment test will not be held yet.

However, despite various preparations, it is not possible to start the recruitment test due to the Corona situation.

Currently, the Department of Primary Education (DPE) is busy with the opening of schools.


Multiple applicants said that although the recruitment test was postponed for a long time due to the Corona situation, all the recruitment tests have been started now.

The 41st BCS preliminary examination has been organized on Friday.

About 5 lakh applicants have participated in the test.

However, a long time has passed since the end of the application process for the primary, but the time for the written test for the appointment of teachers in the primary has not been announced yet.


“Many of us are running out of government jobs,” they said. Many are unemployed without trying to get a job in another institution because they want to teach in primary school.

Many of them will be affected in many ways if the recruitment test is not taken in a quick time.


On October 19 last year, a notification was issued for the appointment of assistant teachers in government primary schools.

Through this 32 thousand teachers will be appointed. Of these, 25,630 will be recruited at the pre-primary stage.

The remaining vacant seats will be filled by assistant teachers.

However, if the number of vacant seats increases, this number may increase further.


According to DPE sources, when the online application started from 10:30 am on October 25, more than 13 lakh 5 thousand applications were submitted till November 24.

DPE gives the opportunity to correct various mistakes in two steps while applying online.

Among them, non-acceptance of academic certificate, non-completion of application due to non-involvement of the university, errors in gender selection are resolved.


Alamgir Muhammad Mansurul Alam, director general of the Department of Primary Education (DPE), said, “After the opening of the educational institution, it is being considered to start the teacher recruitment test in primary schools.”

All kinds of preparations are almost at the final stage.


The director general said, “It was not possible to start the recruitment test due to the Corona situation and the closure of educational institutions.”

Even in this situation, we have put forward the technical work related to recruitment.

An agreement has also been signed with Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) regarding the examination.

Cleaning work is being done keeping in view the government’s decision to open the school on March 30.

If it is possible to open the school, the recruitment test will be started soon. ‘


He added more, “We have more than 1.3 million applications for recruitment across the country.

In the Corona situation, it has become difficult to take the recruitment test of such a large number of candidates.

Although there is preparation for this reason, the time of the test has not been finalized yet to avoid the risk.

The test will be started when the Corona situation is under control. ‘


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