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Despite the announcement, the results of the recruitment of 54,000 teachers were not released



Although the High Court’s order to recommend the appointment of 2,500 teachers has been quashed, the results of the appointment of 54,000 teachers have not been released yet. Although the verdict was supposed to be released within a day / two of the verdict last Monday (June 26), it was not possible even on the last day of this week.

NTRCA secretary said. ATM Mahbub-ul Karim said, ‘We are basically waiting for a copy of the verdict. Once we get it, we can publish the results. Not possible before that. It may take us a few more days to get a copy. Then the results can be revealed by judging and analyzing everything. ‘

But the Ministry of Education has indicated that the results have been announced. Asked about that, he said, “I don’t want to say anything about it.”

Asked about the recruitment candidates coming to the NTRCA office on Wednesday but being mistreated by the office, he said, “Disclosure of results is a continuous process. It is not possible to publish if you want. If the candidates come and make a demand, the result cannot be given. We had to be tough to normalize the situation.

Last Tuesday (June 29), Deputy Minister of Education Barrister Mahibul Hasan Chowdhury consulted with Noufel. A senior NTRCA official who was present at the meeting said, “We have consulted the Deputy Minister of Education on the matter. He asked for a written application as a document. The results will be released on the day the Deputy Minister approves the application. In this case, it will take 3-4 days, said the official. In this case, the results can be released on Thursday or Friday.

But Thursday (July 1), the secretary said it was not possible to publish the results. It will take more time to get a copy of the verdict. NTRCA wants to publish the results after analyzing it.

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